The 30 Day Challenge

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Has anyone heard of the "30 Day Challenge" ?

Basically, it's just 30 days going out every night straight and talking to a quantity of women you give yourself. It may be talking to 1, 5, 10 or how many you plan women, and get the most out of every conversation using that tactics you want to improve...

I was supposed to start it with my wings 2 days ago, but it looks like most of us are lame ass excuser's to plan such a long term job!

Damn that has to change fast...


Maybe on Friday it may be possible for us to start it?

I want it to happen as quick as possible... the beginning is really hard, but after that it's all fun & skill!

I wanna recommend this to anyone that can be free for 30 days (that's the point of the whole post btw!)...

Who knows, it may be the absolutely best thing that can happen to you!



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Has anyone noticed the amount of BS available on the net about seduction?

Probably every week there is 1 so called "guru" coming alive, and every one of them tries to convince you that their product is the best one for you.

But no one tells you that the biggest think you can do to improve yourself is to just go outside and try stuff! Give yourself a daily amount of approaches, small talks or whatever that you must do and start doing them!

The only guy that I've so far seen talking about this, while at the same time promoting a seduction product is Tyler Durden. And he really desirves a cheer about this. The material he is promoting is probably the one that will get you the closest to your dreams... but the field work stays a must and it's the biggest part of the thing you'll be doing.

Now that I think about it, even if his material is pretty good (and some of the others too), they still come in a pretty high price. How else is the guru gonna pay the lifestyle? :)

So let's imagine we can cut some of the profits of the gurus. Never thought of it possible?

Maybe you should do a search around the web. There are many of the products available on different web sites, including one that is completely dedicated to collect every available product under the sun (might be a bit tricky to gain access)! Or just try some Usenet Server :)



The Beginning

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Wow... Some time has passed since November '06.

This is when I first discovered about the "community", "seduction community" to be preciously speaking.

Before finding about these stuff, I kind of loathed the problems I had. I hated my (un)success with girls and always questioned "What am I doing wrong!?"...

Today, that's probably the best thing that could ever happen to me.

You see, if you have a problem, and you acknowledge it, strange things start to happen.

They may be time consuming, and the first results may be months far away from realization, but still they will come if you don't chicken out and quit.

There were few times when I was in such a period. Today I can notice them immediately and instead of having a new problem for a couple of days or weeks, I can fix it in a couple of minutes.

This happens again and again...

Combine this with field work - You get the right combination to become a PUA (Pickup Artist for the uninformed :))

I was combining them until some time ago, now I have a pause till the end of this week. After that, the real party is about to happen!

Summer, going out every night, winging with friends, testing stuff...

I can't wait till the start of it! I'll be keeping an update here...